And JUST LIKE THAT, University is Over!

Vikram Nayyar CS
2 min readMay 14, 2024



So it feels like only yesterday when I published the article “And Just Like That, I’ve FINISHED Placement” yet already, I’ve come to the end of my time at university.

This post touches on university as well as what is next!

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What I’ve Been Up to This Year:

The majority of my time at university this year has been spent on my dissertation project which is made of of the following components:

Project Proposal.

15,000 word report.

Artefact (a web app in my case).

Presentation midway through the semester to outline my progress.

Demonstration at the end to showcase my work.

I will be writing a separate article all about this project which will share my own personal insights from working on this project.

I did also have exams during early January.

What’s Next?

Of course university has been amazing and a truly valuable experience and I really have enjoyed it but this doesn’t mean that learning has stopped.

Below I outline a few things that I will be pursuing with my free time:

HackerRank style questions.

Cloud Resume Challenge / Cloud Resume API Challenge.

Enjoying my time (Burnout isn’t fun!!).

Perhaps build 1 more Next JS project.

Work on health and fitness.

Become better at cooking.

Learn Hindi.

Final Things:

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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