What I’ve Learnt After SOLVING 200 LeetCode Problems

Vikram Nayyar CS
3 min readAug 7, 2023



Hello All!

Welcome back to the blog!

This week’s post is all about LeetCode and in particular, I’ve crossed over 200 problems solved!

It’s just an opportunity for me to talk about LeetCode; what I’ve done well to get to this point and identify what I need to do to get to that “next level”.

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Happy Reading!!

About My LeetCode Journey:

Honestly, it’s a struggle to word this story in the fullest of details (maybe I should’ve made it into a YouTube video!).

It started off as something that I needed to do. Everyone knows that in order to get jobs in tech, DSA is essential.

I was using it as a way to become more proficient in Python programming too.

Naturally ,as I became busier (or less productive!), DSA took a step back as other tasks took priority.

I’ve learnt the theory behind a lot of Data Structures and Algorithms throughout my studies. I am absolutely not a master of this topic but I’d like to think that I’m taking steps in the right direction!

What Actually Made Me Take it MORE Seriously in 2023?

Honestly, just going to 1 event earlier this year was a huge wakeup call!

I met someone who was taking DSA a lot more seriously than me and in fact, they were able to convince me to take it more seriously!

What I’ve Learnt :

I am Definitely Improving :):

Without a doubt, there were problems that I was previously unable to solve that I’ve been able to do with ease!

Still a VERY Long Way to Go:

I’ve only done 200/nearly 3000 problems!

A lot of these are the easiest ones too. I need to step my game up!

Lots of Patterns to Identify (Linked List’s, Binary Tree, Filter, Sort):

There really are patterns which enabled me to “batch solve” problems.

For e.g. , the traversal of a Linked List / Binary Tree on LeetCode really can be applied to many problems and can help to rack up problems solved!

What I Need to Do to Get to that “Next Level”:

Do a bit more research as opposed to diving into the code.

Look at example solutions to other problems. Despite my experience and improvement, I always have a beginners mindset!

Study “better solutions”. I’ve got close to solving hard problems before but my scalability/performance considerations are lacking.

Final Things:

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. I shouldn’t be too hard on myself: 200 is an alright milestone but I want to hit 300 ASAP!

This blog post may have been a little unstructured as it’s just a lot of random thoughts to do with LeetCode, condensed into a single page.

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