Time’s Going So Fast!

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3 min readSep 4, 2023


This week’s blog post is another spontaneous one, this week touching on the fact that time is going so fast.

I attempt to reflect on all the work I’ve done within my “work life” as well as looking forward to the remainder of this year (doesn’t even feel like that much time to be honest).

Most likely, this post will repeat some of the points that were mentioned in my “A “Check-in” on my 2023 Goals” post however this post is more just a “this is on my mind, let’s get it out” post!

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Happy Reading!

September Already? Really?!!

I imagine some people will be saying “yes, of course it’s September, that’s how time works, what did you expect? …” but to me, it feels like September has just jumped up on me!

Literally, after a year in industry and a small summer internship, I’m back at university in just a couple of weeks!

I mean, did August really happen! I blinked and now it’s September!

I guess that this is a good thing because I’d say I’ve been living in the moment. Equally, I’ve done a lot (the list below, and my posts across socials are just some of the things I’ve been able to do).

Things I’ve Done:

This isn’t meant to be a “look at me, I’ve done all this” list but moreso, a note to myself about the many things I’ve done across the year.

Completed placement.

Became a much more confident developer (I’m always learning though).

Kept up with my blog posts.

Started my YouTube channel early!

Attended many events, exposing myself to new environments.

Started to connect with other creators.

I’ve started to actually read books again! (Yes, for most people, it’s standard stuff but I’ve honestly gone years without reading a book so I’m happy that I’ve started to establish this habit).

Travelled around the country loads (both in groups and independently!)

Things I Still Need to Do!!

Despite the list above, there’s still a long way to go.

Land a grad job.

Become a far more proficient software developer. To me, I’ve already came quite a long way but there’s so much more I need to do.

Post on my Instagram Feed again (I seem to have a fear of my feed and just posting on my story instead!)

Post more on YouTube (need to take it to the next level).

Post on TikTok again (I just made 1 post, it even did well but I dissappeared!).

Become even stricter with screen time (I’ve worked on it this year but occasionally, it does spiral out of control).

Learn “the game” of interviews.

Stay disciplined after making progress. It’s too easy to slack off and regress, this needs to change in all aspects of life.

Complete university without letting the content and other areas of my life suffer! This one is key!!

Other Thoughts:

Honestly, this week’s blog post was just a brain dump.

I hope that you can take something away from it!

It is good that I’m enjoying it and “staying busy” but I need to focus in certain areas. Doing all of this is cool but to get to that next level, I may have to sacrifice certain things to excel at others.

Reflecting back, this post has almost given me a “sense of gratitude” for the past year. Maybe I can look back in a year and be like “Since then, I even did this, this and this!”.

Final Things:

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this week’s blog post. I really appreciate it!

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