The TRUTH Behind Myself as a “CONTENT CREATOR”

Vikram Nayyar CS
3 min readOct 28, 2023


Welcome back to the blog!

This week’s topic is something very different to the usual. It sounds serious but it’s not!

There’s no real structure to it. It’s literally a topic off the top of my head so let’s see how it goes!

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Happy Reading!


In a similar way to my “I’ve Solved 200 LeetCode Problems” blog post, this one is equally just off the top of my head. I’m sure that the structure will be a little bit questionable but I’ll try to convey my points as best as possible.

As always, all views are in fact my own.

Feel free to disagree with me or share your own opinions!


So this topic has been on my mind.

Despite my limited experience in both, the world of dev and the world of content creation; I’ve genuinely had people come up to me and say things like:

“I really liked that”.

“How do you do that?!”.

“I wish I had your drive to do that”.

“I’ve heard you’re really good at coding … you have a dev page!!”

There’s many more phrases but these are just ones that come off the top of my head!

First of all, thank you to everyone who supports!

I genuinely don’t check the views that often and I am very grateful for these comments 😅.

But , to me, some of them are hard for me to comprehend 😅.


Like I said, I really appreciate all this but


I’m just a normal dev, just like you!

Just because I choose to share my journey (including good and bad aspects) online does not mean that I’m any better than what I like to call the “silent developers”. They are people who are “silent” and just go about their day, writing code to fix problems.

I use this platform as well as my others because I’m just a normal person with many many different interests. I like coding, I have an interest in content creation, marketing and business. I like YouTube, fitness, health and lifestyle; I could go on and on!!

Again, I want everyone to know that I’m far from perfect! I just try my best and work hard towards whatever I do!!

What this means:

The key thing: social media is a bubble! It’s a great place, but that’s all it is: a “bubble”. I’ve been guilty in the past of spending too much time scrolling (I’m working on it!) but now I’m trying to get back to regular content.

I will always be real on socials. No matter how often or little I post, everything you see is from me, I express my own opinion and that will never change!

Don’t idolise me. Yes I’m doing good things but remember that you only see the output, not everything that goes into my work!

Final Things:

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this blog post!

Definitely an interesting topic. I guess the final thing to add is that if I can do it (create content, become a far better developer, learn new skills … ) then anyone really really can! I’ve made many many mistakes but I’m always working to get better.

Once my YouTube channel launches, I’m sure that this is a topic that I’ll delve into for a video!

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