The Importance of Attending Tech Conferences!!!


In todays post, I’m going to talk about Tech events/conferences because it’s something that a lot of us don’t actually do!

In fairness, they’re aimed at a slightly older demographic than GCSE students however they do still provide value, for whoever is watching.

Find out more about them, in this read.

What Actually is a Tech Conference:

In simple terms, a tech conference is an event, put on by the company, to talk about new technologies/products that are being launched.

From the companies perspective, it provides marketing benefits because it’s a pre-planned, ‘flagship’ event. This creates a lot of HYPE for the event and should mean that others within the industry tune in; whether it’s to support or to look from a more competitive viewpoint.

From a CS perspective, it’s all about updating to newer technologies, replacing those that have became obsolete.

Who Runs Them:

They’re run by the big companies like the FAANG.

They’re quite common in the smartphone industry, Apple’s events are very well known and Android also have their own too!!

At the time of writing Apple have just done their iPhone 12 event and Kotlin have been doing a week of events as they’ve updated. If you saw in one of my previous posts, Kotlin is now the supported language for Android (Over Java!!) and their event is showcasing the benefits of it!!

For clarification, any tech company can run them, it’s just that the ones run by FAANG companies attract more media attention.

Why They Are Useful (Benefits):

  • Helps you keep up to date with new changes in the industry.
  • Most of them are free to attend (and virtual nowadays because of COVID).
  • Learn from other, more experience people.
  • Increase your network. ‘Your network is you net worth’ (Garyvee).

Final Things:

As always, thank you for making it this far, please leave comments, they help me so much.

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Computer Science Student | Digital Content Creator!!

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Vikram Nayyar CS

Vikram Nayyar CS

Computer Science Student | Digital Content Creator!!

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