Reflecting on the BAE Systems CTF Event!

Vikram Nayyar CS
2 min readFeb 12, 2024



This week’s blog post is quite an exciting one. An in-person Cyber Security event which builds upon the CTF’s that I solved as part of my ‘System and Networks Security’ module at university.

Read on further to find out how it went.

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Brief Event Overview:

Team event (big up to my team, they were great!).

Solve as many “CTF’s” as possible (problems involving technology, leading to a ‘flag’ as the answer).

Free pizza!!

All ran by employees from BAE Systems too!

Thoughts Going Into It:

I’ve done a couple of in-person events this ‘academic year’ (Coding Competition and DurHack Hackathon). Firstly, it was great that I didn’t have to compromise my sleep for this event!

In all honesty, these events were challenging. Obviously this is good as it’s new pressure, it’s a new environment and it’s a good place to learn. With that being said, it did lower my expectations for this event. I just wanted to have fun!

It goes without saying that this event was a great opportunity to utilise new tools and be exposed to a broader range of Cyber Security problems.

Key Learning Points:


I’ve used Wireshark before but this involved greater exposure to encoded/encrypted data within packets.


I’ve never used this before and it was a great way to learn about authenticating into a TCP server.

It took some time but I was able to solve the challenge and gain the flag.


This is a general technique for any CTF/Computing problem and I got further exposure to scripting.

SQL Injection:

I definitely spent more time on the ‘SQL Injection’ flag than I would’ve liked.

I’ve been familiar with the concept for SQL Injections for a long time however I did struggle with exploiting the vulnerability.

With the help of someone from BAE, I was able to improve my understanding and eventually work out the flag!

Learning Experiences:

Poor Googling:

I’ll keep this short.

My poor Googling cost me an hour instead of 10 minutes on 1 of the problems.

Getting Stuck on ‘Privilege Escalation’:

After successfully SSH-ing into the machine, I found the file containing the flag.

Yes there was limited time but I couldn’t find a way around “sudo-ing” or “CHMOD”.

Event Conclusions:

I had a lot of fun.

My team were great.

I was able to learn.

Yes I didn’t solve everything but it was a good way to spend a Saturday.

We came 5/13 which isn’t perfect but I’m still content with.

Final Things:

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this article!

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