Here’s Some FREE Computer Science Resources That You NEED to Take Advantage of!!!


So in this week’s blog post, I just thought that it would be beneficial for me to increase your awareness about some of the BEST FREE RESOURCES that I use, day to day.



There are so many great Computer Science Content Creators and I’m going to show you the ones that I watch the most:


I am aware that these guys are also on YouTube but they also post Instagram content so I thought I’d put them here:


THIS PLATFORM has so many creators (like myself!) dropping free content which you can learn a lot from!

The Docs:

Surprisingly, a lot of people neglect the Docs for particular languages/libraries/frameworks … expecting them to be too technical HOWEVER some of them are quite user-friendly.


Newsletters can condense new knowledge into one place for you, providing immense value!

Final Things:

Thank you for reading the post!!

Computer Science Student | Digital Content Creator!!