Here’s How I’ve LEVELLED UP My Productivity Recently!

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In this week’s blog post, I’m going to talk about a widely-discussed topic: Productivity!

You’ll see this below in the disclaimer but I want to stray away from the traditional answers/buzzwords and keep it as authentic as possible.

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In all honesty, I try to stay away from posts like this because they are quite generic. You can find countless videos/search results on “How to become more productive”

I promise that everything I’ve written (even if some things sound a bit generic) are things that have genuinely worked for me! I will even touch on how I’ve taken a generic technique and outline what made it work for me!

Of course, I’m still nowhere near as productive as I’d like to be! (But I’m working on it!).

Productivity in itself is a whole entire blog/YouTube video topic that I’d be happy to touch on one day! It’s very easy to suffer from burnout so you have to be careful!

And as always, all views are my own! If you’d like to then please share your own productivity methods with me!


A dedicated workspace:

Credits to the YouTuber Nishca for sharing this tip in one of her videos.

It’s something I’ve tried to deny for a long time but where you work really can influence how you work.

I’ve finally come to the conclusion that my brain just can’t handle studying at home as the environment just isn’t right for it. I’m definitely far more productive in the library!

I won’t go into too much detail but Nishca’s video talks about how your brain can sense your work environment and how that can improve/worsen your focus.

Me personally, I have 3 environments. A chill environment within my house (mainly for writing blog posts), a home office (very rarely used nowadays) and then university facilities (by far the most used!).

(credit to Nishca)

Removing less useful tasks:

When I started trying to be productive, I just listed far too many things that I “needed” to do. Some tasks even as small as “watch a video about TOPIC_X” just as a way to fill up my time.

Nowadays, I’m prioritising doing and not just trying to fill up every single second and it definitely feels more productive.

Placement helped:

This isn’t really a tip but working definitely helped to put a greater sense of structure into my life.

9–5 was for work.

After work, I would either relax, see friends/family or do some training.

That left before work for the gym.

A simple structure but it definitely worked!

Experiencing Unproductiveness:

Again, this isn’t really a tip but sometimes, you have to experience unproductiveness before you can actually be productive.

Of course, this depends on how you feel when you are unproductive.

To me, that’s something that I really don’t want to feel and now I know how that feels; I can work against that.

Calendar blocking with a twist:

This is definitely one of the most well known methods but I make a slight twist.

I fill my calendar on quite a high level: “Gym” , “Work”, “Training”, “See PERSON_X”, “Self Study” …

And most importantly, I do not block out every single second. I don’t need to factor in travel or other stuff.

Sometimes, I do add breaks to my calendar.

I guess the key is to not be too strict!

I would also recommend to plan your next week and to not start it immediately. I tend to plan out the week ahead, again on a high level so that I can make changes if needed.

This just helps to get things out of my brain and get them planned.

Airplane mode!!

Short and simple: it’s the best way for me to disconnect from the world and focus on the tasks that I need to do.

“Setting Challenges” for myself:

This is a weird one but I seem to enjoy challenges. Of course, this has to be managed in the correct way but for e.g. with fitness, if someone said to me “you can’t do a 30 inch box jump”, it would excite me and make me want to prove them wrong.

Saying STOP (I even did that when writing this post!!):

Again, this links to too much excitement.

Sometimes, when I’ve done a lot of work; it might be better to move onto something else!

Final Things:

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this week’s post. I hope that you were able to take away some value from this post about Productivity and even hear about my own experiences!

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