Front End vs Back End vs Full Stack | Lets Talk About Web Dev!

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In this week’s blog post, we are going to be talking about the different types of software development (particularly focussing on web dev since that’s what I’ve done the most of)!!

The terms ‘front end’ ; ‘back end’ and ‘full stack’ are arguably some of the most searched upon terms within Computer Science and the current job market so I’m sure you will enjoy the content in this post!!

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What is Front End?

It’s what the user can see.

The ‘client side’.

Typically we use technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

There is also an element of UI/UX design that comes into play, when doing front end development!

What is Back End?

The part of the project where the user doesn’t see and doesn’t directly interact with.

The ‘server side’ of the project.

The management of data (database).

The use of API’s.

Typical languages used here are Python; Java; JavaScript; PHP …

What is Full Stack?

It means front end & back end.

It’s also a term for a developer: ‘full stack developer’ i.e. an individual who is skilled on both sides.

Benefit of Focussing on 1:

Front End:

You can see your output, in a graphical way (particularly beneficial for beginners new to coding).

It will help you to become more creative.

There are a wide range of frameworks.

Back End:

Typically more complex processes (for e.g. payment processing) are implemented on the back end therefore these skills increase your value!

You will become better logically (this applies to both but particularly back end because it’s the whole infrastructure of the application).

Drawbacks of Focussing on 1:

Obviously, if you focus all on one and little to nothing on the other then it will be difficult for you to build a complete web application by yourself.

Front End:

So many changing trends (frameworks; libraries; languages) that you will need to keep up to date with!

Back End:

Can be quite challenging because the output is typically all in the console rather than a fancy website.

Benefits of Going Full Stack:

You can still apply for frontend/backend jobs (because you have some skills in that area).

Overall you will have a wider experience of development which will result in you becoming a better dev; being more well equipped for different situations.

More $$$.

Drawbacks of Going Full Stack:

Lots to learn!! Especially with new technologies, changing all the time!

Final Things:

Thanks for reading the post.

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