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3 min readJan 29, 2024



So it’s no secret, I’ve been very inactive for a while.

Where have I been ?!!

Find out all in this week’s blog post.

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Where Have I Been?

There were a variety of reasons as to why I stopped releasing blog posts so I’ll touch on the main ones here:

1 — Final Year of University:

Whether or not I want to admit it, university has been more intense this year.

Of course, I’m far more equipped for it this year but there have definitely been challenges for me to face.

2 — Less Natural Content Ideas:

Last year, I was travelling a lot more, going to external events and doing a lot of things for the first time.

Now because of how busy university is, it makes it harder to do more different things.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d rather not force out content ideas. Yes, sometimes I would do cool things and forget to document them but that’s not always the case.

3 — I Just Needed a Break:

Following on from the last point, there’s no point forcing out content.

I’d like to say that throughout 2023, I was pretty consistent with content. Yes the consistency will return in 2024 but I just needed a bit of time out to rediscover that interest in blogging because it is something that I do like to do.

So What is the Plan This Year?

The past 2 years have been amazing for me but that doesn’t mean we can’t make 2024 even better!

In the past, I’ve definitely made the mistake of forgetting about my goals after around March-time. I think that I’ve made too specific goals that don’t stick around for the long term.

Of course, there’s still plenty of things that I want to improve at but there’s no need to be overly pedantic.


Complete university.

Document my journey across various platforms.

Land a job in tech.

Continue travelling as much as possible (incorporate this for both Tech and my ‘out of work’ hobbies).

Of course I could go on and on but this year, I don’t want to set too much, too soon. We can always set more, let’s just start slowly for the time being.

Final Things:

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this article. It was definitely more of a braindump/”get things written down” post but I hope that you can appreciate that.

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