5 Things That Will HINDER Your Progress as a Developer!!!

Vikram Nayyar CS
3 min readSep 27, 2021


In today’s post I’m going to talk about 5 things that HINDER developers. The reason behind this topic is that most people tend to only focus on the positives of development however the traits that I mention below, may seem obvious however plenty of people make these mistakes (including me!) and they can significantly hinder your progress!!

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1.) Arrogance:

In most walks of life, arrogance is bad and the same thing applies to software development.

On an industrial level, software development typically involves working in teams and in any team environment, arrogance can hinder progress.

If you’re a junior member then you can potentially be the victim of arrogance from other team members (it’s not an uncommon story!) and it’s just a negative environment.

If you are arrogant then it can lead to you having a fixed mindset and this will make it harder for you to learn and develop over time, therefore hindering your progress.

2.) Failing to Take Responsibility:

It’s okay to make mistakes during development but if you keep blaming everyone else then you’ll never make progress!!

3.) Being Afraid of Errors:

This trait is particularly common in beginners! It’s pretty understandable because when starting out, you won’t be used to the error messages.

The truth is that these errors are a building block to you fixing the issues and getting a working program. They’re far more beneficial than runtime errors that don’t output anything and are quite difficult to comprehend.

A well known saying is that you’ll never learn if you don’t make mistakes so throw yourself in and watch yourself grow!!

4.) Copying Without Understanding:

This one is one of the easiest to make because it solves short term problems with a simple click of a couple of keys.

It makes your life easy at the time however in future projects, you will face the same issues if you don’t take the time out to understand your code!!

5.) Having an Inability to Learn and Adapt (Fixed Mindset):

Quite simply, if you won’t take new ideas on board then you will never improve!

Final Things:

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