2 “Tech Events” in 2 Days!

Vikram Nayyar CS
3 min readOct 31, 2023



This week’s blog post reflects on 2 events that I was able to attend, almost “back to back” at the end of last week.

One was literally on the evening and the next one was the next day at 8AM!

I thought this was a good opportunity to document how they went as well as raising awareness for these events (of course this particularly applies to my viewers in the North East).

As always, before we get into the video, please make sure to applaud, comment and share with your friends.

Happy Reading!


I only decided to attend these events at very late notice.

Event 1: Haystack’s *First* Developer Meetup:

Lots of people.

I’ll comment on each talk here:

Talk 1: Should I become a cloudy person?

Great talk, really helped to clarify the difference between many similar cloud roles exist within the industry.

It was great to see the speaker’s journey from a dev, into cloud, as well as his brutal honesty on the experience. The pathway seemed like something I could do and it showed the benefit of moving into a start-up.

Talk 2: Bridging the gap: Landing Your First Tech Leadership Role:

While this one was “less techy”, there was still value to be taken away from it.

The emphasis was on the well known phrase “manager vs leader” and it echoed the need for “good leaders” to be decisive.

Talk 3: Doing More with Serverless:

I felt like this one was particularly beneficial to me as both my internship and my Industrial Placement Year involved serverless architecture.

Event 2: Dynamo North AI Summit:

Funnily enough, this event started at 8am so it was literally straight off the back of the previous event.

This brought together people from all different backgrounds (students, industry experts, both technical and non-technical backgrounds) to listen to a panel about the “risks, opportunities and strategies” in relation to AI.

I didn’t know this until I’d arrived at the event but the aim of this event really was to give the North East a voice and discuss AI.

While I am “pro AI”, it was almost scary to see how big tech could leave the rest of us behind when it comes to AI. With paywalls being implemented too, that’s another thing which will make AI less accessible.

It was great to seeing these issues raised now , a week prior to the national meetup in Bletchley Park. It was also good to see local MP Chi Onwurah making an appearance as well as giving her discussions on AI.

Final Things:

I’ve been slacking on the blog posts recently but it’s always good to document my events. Sometimes it’s easier to write everything down as opposed to having the pressures of filming.

I hope you found this writeup interesting. As always, I strongly encourage you to attend events, there’s not really a downside to doing so.


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